Public Sculptures by David Griggs seen at Pasco, Pasco - SkyBridge
Public Sculptures by David Griggs seen at Pasco, Pasco - SkyBridge
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Item SkyBridge
Created by David Griggs
As seen in Pasco, Pasco, WA


Public Sculptures by David Griggs, as seen in Pasco, Pasco, WA

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This unique Elementary school has three clerestory atriums along the central spine of the building. As you walk down the main hallway, the atriums provide a rhythm of natural light throughout the school. “SkyBridge” utilizes this rhythm to recognize the special features of the Pasco, Washington area. The town is located on the Columbia River, and a remarkable cable-stayed bridge connects Pasco to its adjacent community. It is also on the Pacific Flyway, where waterfowl from Canada migrate through Pasco on their annual journeys North and South. The surrounding area also has an important history of commerce as the most inland barge-to-rail port on the Columbia river. All of these aspects of the local community are acknowledged in the suspended atrium artwork. While recognizing Pasco’s history and legacy, the project affirms these special features for the students, parents, and staff of Captain Grey Elementary.

Meet the Creator

David Griggs

David Griggs

Denver, CO

David Griggs is a Denver-based artist who has completed over 60 commissioned works of art throughout the United States. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Masters Degree in Fine Arts. He has worked in many capacities in the arts, including gallery manager, museum preparator, and studio artist. For the last 30 years he has been self-employed as a Public Artist, designing and building work for Percent For Art, Public Art, and Private commissions. Recent commissions include projects for Anchorage, Boulder, Chicago, Dallas, Jacksonville, Las Vegas, Madison, San Antonio, Santa Fe, Stockton, Toronto, and Washington. Increasingly he has become involved in projects that require not only designing and building Public Art, but also Public Art planning, strategizing and advocacy. Griggs lives and works with his wife Stella in a 140-year-old building in Denver’s burgeoning Santa Fe Arts District.

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