Created and Sold by Darren Yeadon (Weirdstones)

Darren Yeadon (Weirdstones)
Bluestone Healing Circle | Public Sculptures by Darren Yeadon (Weirdstones) | National Botanic Garden of Wales in Llanarthne
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Bluestone Healing Circle - Public Sculptures

Featured In National Botanic Garden of Wales, Llanarthne, United Kingdom

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This stone circle is on display at The National Botanic Garden of Wales, Llanarthne, near Carmarthen SA32 8HN. +44 01558 667149.
These standing stones are made from the same Preseli Bluestone rock in the inner circle of Stonehenge in Wiltshire. Here is my theory of why they were chosen for Stonehenge.
When you crack open a boulder of bluestone, it always feels warm, the surface is not freezing to touch. This is the energy inside. Once out in the open, the new surface gets stronger and deeper in color as time goes on, normally stones tarnish or become duller.

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Darren Yeadon (Weirdstones)
Meet the Creator
Brought up by the sea in Whitby, I began my work as a quarryman and stonemason. A superb and fulfilling beginning, learning about the geology and how to actually extract the material from the earth; then to split huge pieces up, shape them and finally carve stones to fit into arches, church windows, architectural applications. I did have and develop a real flair and interest in carving stone and three-dimensional forms. I suffered a serious road accident in my mid-twenties which very nearly took my life. This took many hard years of recovery; this time was also a journey into a different approach to life, an intense fascination and appreciation of nature and the beauty of our time on the earth. This quickly led to a desire and need to return something.
So, little desire to return to my previous career I thought about how I could use my skills to make stone sculptures that would make others happy. Living on next to nothing in a caravan on a farm, I carved rocks I found in fields and offcuts from the quarry into weird and wonderful animals, faces and anything that I thought would look nice. Developing a strong personal style and dedication; people stared to come along and buy things from me.
Within a relatively short time, this humble beginning soon blossomed into greater things. I started to get commissions for greater sculptures and then sent to Italy to find marble, like Michelangelo and create something beautiful for a client.
Thinking the only way to learn about marble, the great artists and sculpture, in general, was to apply me to it and go live in Carrara for some years.
This proved to be an incredible education and now has become quite a large part of my life. I go over to Italy regularly to buy marble direct from the quarries of Michelangelo and have it shipped back to work it.
Now established in Pembrokeshire; I continue to work from my studio in many types of stone. My fascination with nautical nature persists although sculptures have become more abstract and technically challenging.