Public Sculptures by Cezary Stulgis, as seen in 300 Queen St, Brisbane City, Australia

Public Sculptures by Cezary Stulgis seen at 300 Queen St, Brisbane City - Aurora
Public Sculptures by Cezary Stulgis seen at 300 Queen St, Brisbane City - Aurora


in300 Queen St, Brisbane City, Australia
Silicon Bronze cast commissioned by Aurora Oaks Hotel Group.
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Meet the Creator

Born in Poland and currently based in Australia, Cezary Stulgis is a sculptor, painter and designer whose highly distinctive work fuses next-level aesthetics with classical craftsmanship.

A reflection of his artistic roots comes from the street art movement of the mid-eighties. Additionally, he has formal training as a sculptor and painter at the renowned Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Poland.
Cezary’s work is playful and engaging and is realised at both small and large-scale, in private or public settings. Cezary can produce definitive representations of his work for clients as well as built environments where professionals are involved such as architects, councils and landscape designers.
Based in Melbourne previously working through out South East Queensland for over 20 years his work includes public art and private commissions, exhibitions, community projects, set design and festival projects. Cezary
manages and manufactures his own work from design to installation, this includes sculpting in Clay, Polystyrene, Plasticine, Wood through out in to Bronze. Cezary is a qualified welder and fabricator where he produces his own Metal Work- welding, fabrication, structural and sculptural. He can work across different materials through from a scaled model to the final large sculpture.
Engineering certification is provided from qualified engineers through out the process of fabrication or casting to installation where specifications for footings are also designed.

Available for commission/custom work

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