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Public Sculptures by BoughnerArt seen at Flick Park, Glenview - "Robyn"
Image credit: Martin R. Boughner


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The Glenview Park Foundation championed the use of a local artist; Elisa R. Boughner. Elisa has had a Gallery/Studio in Glenview since 2000, primarily an oil painter with work hanging in both public and private collections throughout Glenview and beyond.Elisa was approached to see if she would be interested in creating a sculpture for this project. "I was very excited and honored to be asked about participating in this project." Says Elisa, who set to work to come up with an idea and theme for the sculpture. "The idea for the sculpture actually materialized out of the research I did into Ralph Synnestvedt." She remembers. "I read an article about Ralph in which he was asked a favorite memory concerning his years in landscaping. Mr. Synnestvedt is quoted as saying. "Darndest thing I ever saw. This robin`s nest was still in the tree when we pulled it (the tree) out of the ground and started driving away. Robin just chased this tree all the way to the new site. That`s loyalty!`` "I took the idea of a tree and the bird and started to sketch ideas that I could present to the Board, they loved the quote and idea, and set me to work" says Elisa. She found a metal fabricator, Austin Bader of Bader Art Metal & Fabrication to actually make her sketches come to life. When Elisa approached Austin to create this project with her he was immediately swept up in the possibilities, giving material suggestions, finishes that could be applied to the metal and limitations of many of the existing metals. In the end he and Elisa decided to create the work out of brushed aluminum. She also wanted to make a cast glass bird to make her vision complete. "Creating the bird in glass was a long process, clay to mold to wax to mold to glass, but in the end I think she will look like a diamond on a platinum ring" says Elisa.

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Taking colors to a whole new level of emotional attachment.

Elisa R. Boughner was born in the United States, raised in Mexico and studied art in America and Europe. Her work reflects the influence of each of these cultures, and of a range of painting styles from the Impressionists, through the German Expressionists, and finally the Cubist. The result is a unique and highly personal style that brings extraordinary vibrancy to often ordinary subjects.
Boughner uses traditional forms such as still life but animates them through bold, often unconventional color and dynamic brushwork. By using often densely layered colors she achieves a complex, subtle and wide emotional range that transforms studies of external surfaces into exposes of an internal feeling. The contrast between her objective subject matter and subjective treatment generates a creative dissonance that brings the paintings richly to life.
Boughner uses the bright colors characteristic of Mexican painting but employs them in the viscerally communicative fashion of the Expressionists. Her palette is often innovative, sometimes subversive, achieving striking complements and juxtapositions. Her intuitive, almost tactile use of color and form speaks a highly personal artistic language, one that communicates directly and eloquently with the viewer.

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