Public Sculptures by Beatrice Coron seen at Harbor Gateway Transit Center, Gardena - “Dreams”, 2015
Public Sculptures by Beatrice Coron seen at Harbor Gateway Transit Center, Gardena - “Dreams”, 2015

“Dreams”, 2015

“Dreams”, 2015, vinyl on glass canopy, Harbour Gateway Transit Center, Silverline, Los Angeles

"Dreams”, which mixes birds and angels visible through a canopy of tree's branches, celebrates the wide open space of possibilities. Angels refer to the city of Los Angeles being named as a City of Angels, as well as a larger meaning of sacred protection. My wide interpretation of angels include fairies, cherubs, Hells Angels, casting directors, stars, surfers and other flying elements from different cultures such as Chinese dragons.

Protection in that sense is metaphorical as well as physical as the canopy protects people from the elements. Everybody can look up and maybe upward with hope and expectations.

Meet the Creator

My work tells stories. I invent situations, cities and worlds. These compositions include memories, associations of words, ideas, observations and thoughts that unfold in improbable juxtapositions. These invented worlds have their own logic and patterns. Images are conveyed through words, whether automatic writing or premeditated scenes. My creative inspiration comes from a text, a poem, the news or from a philosophical concept that can be reduced to a mere title. I research collective memories and myths, questioning the notions of identity and belonging. For each theme, I explore various narratives: one story leads to the next, and the creation process weaves different layers of our relations to the world.

My silhouettes are a language I have developed over the years; my point of view is both detailed and monumental. Cutting from a single piece of material, the profusion of individual stories creates a coherent universe. In my artist books and public art, where I play with full and empty shapes, everything must fall in place: one’s place in the world, one’s place in the city, one’s place in his or her body. In my graphic style, windows are used not to see out but in, placing the spectator in an outsider/insider situation. Shadows, reminiscent of film noir and voyeurism, leaves room for multiple interpretations.” - Beatrice Coron

“Beatrice Coron (Chambéry, France, 1956) is an illustrator and artist. She does book art, fine art, paper art, and she works with stone, glass, metal, rubber, stained glass, and digital media. Her work has been purchased by major museum collections such as the Metropolitan Museum, the Walker Art Center, and The Getty. Her public art can be seen in subways, airports and sports facilities among many other places.”