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Public Sculptures by Aphidoidea seen at Jane Warner Plaza, 17th and Market Streets, San Francisco - The Seed

The Seed

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The Seed" (2017) is a collection of six abstract LED dandelions that tower 13 feet over Jane Warner Plaza. Created by the art, design and architecture collective Aphidoidea (Ahh-fi-doe-idea), the work is a symbol that represents how a single wish that is blown away can carry enough weight to inspire a movement. The luminescent installation was inspired by the idea that people should be able to freely love and be themselves.

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Aphidoidea [ey-fid-o-ahy-dee-uh] is a multi-disciplinary design, architecture, and art collective, led by Andrew Hernandez, Jackie Muñoz, Jesus Eduardo Magaña and Paulina Bouyer-Magaña. The collective creates site-specific art installations that engage the user, and enhance the built environment in otherwise generic or marginalized spaces through the exploration of site, concept, materials, and interactivity. Inspired by interaction and perception, their work has evolved from site-specific installations, to include user response and spectator interaction. Their installations employ a variety of materials—from the ephemeral to the permanent—from technology based to analogue applications. They blur the line between architecture, art, design and technology to create site-specific interactive artwork.”

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