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Amie Jacobsen Art and Design
Public Sculptures by Amie Jacobsen Art and Design seen at 300 SE Adams Blvd, Bartlesville - Native Color at Unity Square

Native Color at Unity Square

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Commissioned by the city of Bartlesville, OK, "Native Color" consists of 9 stainless steel and cast glass flowers, ranging from 8 1.5 to 12 feet tall. Inspiration by the state wildflower of Oklahoma, Gaillardia pulchella, commonly known as “Indian blanket.” The piece is meant to celebrate the strong Native American history of the area and honor the flora and fauna of the prairie. Honeybees, toiling atop the flowers, are another state symbol and represent communities working together.

The piece also includes an interactive water feature, with water jets spraying from the ground to allow children to play among the flowers and all to cool off in the summer months.

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Amie Jacobsen Art and Design

Meet the Creator

I am an explorer of both technique and medium, constantly hungry to try something new. My work varies from functional, such as my wood and steel furniture, to whimsical, as in my colorful wall sculptures, to monumental in my large scale and public art pieces. And I still love to paint.

Amie J. Jacobsen is a multi-facetted artist and designer currently producing work in sculptures, artisan furniture, and painting. A lifelong artist, Amie began he career in painting and illustration, teaching for the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in the Foundations, Illustration, and e-Learing department from 2006-2015. During her time with SCAD, she authored 3 courses for the school’s e-learning program and illustrated 12 children’s books.

In 2015, Amie took the opportunity to learn metalworking as the in-house designer and resident artist at Machine Head, a metal fabrication shop in the Crossroads Art District in Kansas City, MO. Amie moved into her own studio space in 2017, and now splits her time between Colorado Springs, CO and the Kansas City area where she maintains a studio and workshop.

“The purpose of my work is to deliberately enhance the experience of an environment, a space, or a moment in an uplifting way. As I have grown, my artistic style has become increasingly playful, energetic, and spontaneous, even as my medium has become more difficult. Yet I strive to maintain a sense of elegance and craftsmanship. My work is meant to communicating energy and movement, freedom of expression, and sometimes, simply fun! For me, each piece is a celebration of the joy of creativity, ingenuity, and the human ability to take raw materials and make something new.”