Public Sculptures by Adrienne Yorinks seen at Reeves Reed Arboretum; Short Hills, NJ, Summit - Hummingbird Sculpture

Hummingbird Sculpture

A metal sculpture based on the soft sculpture designed by Adrienne Yorinks on permanent display. The work was based on the illustrations from, Hummingbirds: Facts and Folklore from the Americas

Meet the Creator

Adrienne Yorinks has followed multiple career paths. Born on Staten Island, Yorinks got a Master of Education in Dance Therapy and taught Creative Arts Therapies. She also became a dog breeder, and eventually groomer, and ran a successful business for 15 years in New York City. Eventually, Yorinks turned to the textile arts, sewing and quilting, and her work is now owned by the Texas Library Association, the AFL-CIO and Sony Metreon in San Francisco. This quilt features characters from the beloved Maurice Sendak book, which has been popular since its publication in 1963.”

Available for commission/custom work