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Mosaic Artworks - Public Mosaics

Featured In Cairns City, Australia

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Yarrabah artists, Philomena Yeatman, Edna Anbrym and Valmai Pollard were selected to produce designs and artworks for reformation as major public mosaic artworks on Shields Street, Cairns. This exciting public art opportunity was a mammoth undertaking over 12 months and is the first major public art installation to proudly represent any artist of Yarrabah.

The task: To translate flat designs of local Indigenous (Yarrabah) artist’s paintings into 3-D mosaic art low walls, and install these in the central CBD of Cairns.

Our scope: Together with our alliance partner, Artistic Solutions Group, we digitally scaled and reproduced 3-D imagery from the six canvas artworks provided by the artists. We adapted and expanded the imagery to fit and curve around the unusually shaped, long walls. We worked closely with the Yarrabah artists and their representatives, to ensure the integrity of their artwork was maintained in the translation – a cultural commitment we were proud to serve. We handled project management of the installation of the mosaic artwork and liaised with Council throughout the 12 month period.

The results: These images speak for themselves! Our client was absolutely delighted with our performance and with the final results.

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Meet the Creator
The Symmetry Mosaics team, based in our Noosa warehouse and studio, comprises a group of highly talented and gifted craftsmen who are committed to creating superb art installations.

Don Macdonald is the team’s principal artisan and master mosaic fixer, with over 25 years’ experience in creating mosaic art features. He is well known as being the expert in his field, having trained in Italy on two separate occasions, and attaining his Master's qualification in 2013. Unusually talented with an equal measure of pragmatic realism and artistic ability, Don is known to be uniquely gifted with ‘having the hand’ or the ‘feeling’ for mosaics.

Don is well supported by two senior craftsmen, one of whom also gained his Masters' qualification in Italy in 2013. In addition, we have a team of tradesmen and trainees, who lend their skills under Don’s expert supervision. As a team of seven, we have a good grounding to handle large installations with ease.

Don’s project management skills are impeccable. From the initial consultation, through to detailed documentation and ongoing work in progress updates, attention to detail is something Don prides himself in and reinforces in our whole team. Of course, this is absolutely essential to the success of any large scale project, and it’s something we’ve been praised for consistently.