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Ricardo Duffy

Conversion Ridge, Meso Ridge

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Ricardo Duffy was commissioned by the East Los Angeles Civic Center to design “Conversion Ridge, Meso Ridge" (ceramic, aluminum; 72' x 16' x 16', 2005), two colorful artworks for children that are located on the seating benches of their playgrounds.

"Meso Ridge," in the north playground, is a continuous glazed ceramic mosaic filled with handcrafted and broken tiles, geometric shapes and fun imagery such as pre-Columbian figures riding skateboards.

"Conversion Ridge" enhances the bench seating near the south playground. A series of square ceramic tiles and pre-Columbian Mesoamerican designs are stained into the concrete. Both pieces include cast aluminum Mayan figures placed on top of the benches which also function as skateboard stoppers.

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