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Created and Sold by Elizabeth MacDonald

Elizabeth MacDonald

River - Public Mosaics

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River is the creation of talented Elizabeth MacDonald using ceramic tiles mounted on wood, measuring 80.5” x 52.5". This beautiful nature-inspired piece hangs perfectly on a wall at Emerson Resort & Spa.

Elizabeth MacDonald
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2017
Elizabeth MacDonald discovered her current mosaic-making technique by happenstance. One day, while cleaning up her clay studio, she pressed leftover stain powder into a scrap of moist clay and tore the edges off around a block of wood. She immediately realized that she had found a way to use color that would satisfy her need for spontaneity and surprise, accomplishing both delicacy and crustiness.

Now she produces such ""scraps"" on purpose, pressing clay slabs into powdered pigment, tearing them into squares, firing them, and assembling them into compelling mosaic images.”