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Created and Sold by David Lee Csicsko

David Lee Csicsko

We All Ride the Train Together - Public Mosaics

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Mosaics designed by local artist David Lee Csicsko embellish the Belmont subway station in Chicago, celebrating the diversity and liveliness of the surrounding Lakeview community. Visitors are greeted by nine spirited portraits near the entrance at Belmont Avenue. Inside the station, colossal pairs of eyes keep watch and reflect friendly faces while a Victorian-era train car pays homage to the history of the neighborhood. The joyous portraits of its passengers, young and old, reflect the diversity of Chicago’s population.

The mosaics were made by mosaicist/fabricator Erin Adams. The main design element features an image of a fantastic train with many riders, called "We All Ride the Train Together." The columns of the station are covered with large eyes, each eye, a color of the different train lines that run thru the station. The outside columns feature large heads with multi color stripes, these heads celebrate diversity of the city and the people who ride the train.

(The train mosaic is 6 feet tall x 20-feet wide; the indoor columns are 14-feet tall; the outdoor columns with mosaics of the striped heads are 6-feet wide by 4-feet tall.)

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