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Public Art by Elizabeth Riley Projects at Count Basie Center for the Arts, Red Bank - Difference and Equality: Windows on Size Project

Difference and Equality: Windows on Size Project - Public Art

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Plexiglas folding screens, colored tape. Each window: 72 x 50 x 22". In this four window installation, each window contains a two-element Plexiglas structure, consisting of a larger and smaller folding screen, the rectangular units of which are wrapped with black, white or orange tape. The smaller folding screens are the same size from window to window, while the height of the larger screens varies. For two of the stacked units, a larger structure supports a smaller - while for the other two, a smaller structure is under and supports a larger unit. The perceived comfortableness or awkwardness of these functions raises questions of kinds and quality of strength or support, as well as perceptions or intuitions of weight and limitation. These relations between material structures - which can be seen as charting a delicate balance between material and human realities - can be read also as addressing issues of personal and social space, as in feelings of self-worth, or questions and pressures between social groups as in a measure of "piece of the pie."

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Elizabeth Riley’s art addresses questions concerning the complex and changing world we inhabit and our “mixed reality,” living between physical and digital/virtual contexts. The works produced include three-dimensional wall works, installations and tabletop cityscapes, made from video, video stills, and found objects. A long time New Yorker, Elizabeth Riley graduated from Barnard College and received an MFA from Hunter College. Fall 2019, the artist’s immersive installation, Paper Dragons, which functions as a walk-in, physical video, appears in Mounds, Piles & Massings, at Walsh Gallery, Seton Hall University, NJ. Summer 2019, her work was presented in Ribbons Become Space, a solo show at SL Gallery, in Manhattan. This show included the Dragons of Iceland Installation, a 2011 sculpture/installation with multiple live video elements, as well as, two new, large-scale, site-specific wall sculptures. Ribbons Become Space received insightful reviews on and Elizabeth Riley curated and participated in Trill Matrix at The Clemente Center on the Lower East Side in 2018, a show of seven dynamic women artists. In December 2017 her wall sculpture was on display in Excessive Frugality at Odetta Gallery in Brooklyn. The artist has participated in numerous artist residencies, including the Soaring Gardens Artists Retreat in 2018, the Heliker-LaHotan Residency in 2017, the I-Park Residency in 2015 and 2013, and was awarded a BRIC Media Arts Fellowship in 2014.