Nicotiana Seeding III

Plants & Flowers by Yvette Molina, in Rosewood Sand HillMenlo Park, CA

Plants & Flowers by Yvette Molina seen at Rosewood Sand Hill, Menlo Park - Nicotiana Seeding III
This piece is called "Nicotiana Seeding III", an alluring oil painting on aluminum by Yvette Molina at the Rosewood Sand Hill. Nicotiana is an ornamental sweet smelling flower indigenous to North and South America. It is commonly referred to as the Tobacco Plant. Yvette approaches paintings with the precision and curiosity of an 18th-century botanist.

Meet the Creator

"Yvette Molina approaches her paintings with the precision and curiosity of a 18th-century botanist, training her eye on both the cultivated and the spontaneous, improbable eruptions of plant life she encounters in her surrounding urban environment. Her ‘portraits” of various plants and flowers come primarily from her own garden and immediate neighborhood in Oakland, California, where she lives and works.

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