Concrete Geometric Vase

Plants & Flowers by Concrete Geometric, in The SpringsLos Angeles, CA

Plants & Flowers by Concrete Geometric seen at The Springs, Los Angeles - Concrete Geometric Vase
These simply crafted planters are made out of concrete and hold small succulents. Despite being tiny, they're often noticed by guests in The Springs LA dining and wellness space.

Meet the Creator

"Concrete Geometric was started in 2013 by photographer-turned-industrial-designer, Krizia Flores. The team hand pours each piece, cures and seals it. Krizia described Concrete Geometric's process in an interview with Sheewa Salehi, ; "So every piece starts with a concept or idea we have. After we figure out what we are going to want as a final product we design the piece and 3D printed. After we receive the print we figure out how we are going to make a mold out of it and after that's done we begin creating a mold. Mold making can be a bit of a pain sometimes and time consuming so it takes a bit to make one piece." "

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