Pillows by Beatrice Larkin seen at Private Residence, London - Step Light Cushion & Line Cushion
Pillows by Beatrice Larkin seen at Private Residence, London - Step Light Cushion & Line Cushion
Image credit: cate st hill
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Item Step Light Cushion & Line Cushion
Created by Beatrice Larkin
As seen in Private Residence, London, United Kingdom

Step Light Cushion & Line Cushion

Pillows by Beatrice Larkin, as seen in Private Residence, London, United Kingdom

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Step Light Cushion
The design comes from the Step jacquard weave. The optical staggered effect creates a flowing geometric.

Line Cushion
The Line design is taken directly from one of Bea’s hand drawings. Inspired by mismatched patterns and African mud cloths, the inky, wobbly lines are visible in the final fabric giving the piece a unique twist on geometric design.

Front - Fabric woven, washed and finished in Lancashire and Yorkshire, England from 70% Merino wool and 30% cotton
Back - Black cotton canvas

Interior designed by cate st hill

Meet the Creator

Beatrice Larkin

Beatrice Larkin

London, United Kingdom

Woven textiles, characterised by inky line drawings and broken geometrics

Founded in London by designer Beatrice Larkin, the studio specialises in modern woven textiles, accessories and interior products. Not driven by seasonal trends, Beatrice’s distinctive, softened geometric fabrics have a timeless quality that is designed to be enjoyed and appreciated all year round.

The design process begins in Bea’s East London studio with her drawings taking inspiration from traditional weave structures, grids and graphs, West African textiles, The Bauhaus and Brutalist architecture. She then turns these sketches into jacquard weaves, playing with scale and repeat, focussing on the structure and design of cloth in equal measure.

All production takes place in England and Beatrice works with well-respected, highly skilled manufacturers who understand the care and attention needed for the high-end textile market. The fabrics are woven in small runs at a jacquard mill in Lancashire and then washed and finished in the Yorkshire Dales. They are then sent to London to be made into throws and cushions, labelled and packaged, every step carefully considered.

The Italian spun merino wool used in Beatrice’s fabrics is more commonly used in the fashion industry for high-end knitwear. Called the ‘Rolls Royce of merino’, the fine, soft fibres of the merino sheep give a beautifully soft and luxurious handle.

Bea comes from a family in the textile industry; her father, an interiors consultant and her mother, a textile designer. She was lucky to grow up surrounded by beautiful fabrics. This led her to study weave at Chelsea College of Art and Design, followed by a masters at the Royal College of Art. At Bea's graduation show in 2013 her woven fabrics were spotted by a buyer from Heals. It took a few years to source the right yarn and manufacturers but in Spring 2016 she launched her first collection which has now been stocked in Daylesford Organic, Heals, Folk Clothing, Kent and London and Tate Modern.

Available for commission/custom work