Photography by t.w.five seen at Facebook HQ, Menlo Park - "It's All Fun at 2:55 AM"
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Item "It's All Fun at 2:55 AM"
Created by t.w.five

"It's All Fun at 2:55 AM"

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Facebook's headquarters in Menlo Park boasts a pretty serious art collection. This one, "It's All Fun at 2:55 AM" is by t.w.five, an international artist duo based in San Francisco that work with only one material: adhesive backed vinyl, which is usually hand-cut and placed on panels.

The piece measures 8-feet-by-44-feet and was inspired by the idea of artists and the processes they use to make their work. They used multiple black-and-white photos from Andy Warhol's factory for this work, which were intermixed and changed around.

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