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Photography by Oyster Art seen at Private Residence - Disruption ~ Photomacrographic Abstract Art

Disruption ~ Photomacrographic Abstract Art


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"An obscure unseen disturbance has disrupted this miniature fragile equilibrium." Specialized macro photography techniques have captured the hidden beauty in a small section of a Malpeque oyster shell harvested in St Chrysostome, PE.(see reference image). Thirty photos taken at incremental focus points have been combined to create an in-focus composite image. It's a 1/10 Limited Edition print available in three substrates.

FINE ART PRINTS use acid-free archival paper printed with archival inks which are specifically designed to be resistant to weathering and fading so that it will last for a long time. It is a matte finish using beautiful rag cotton paper.
CANVAS PRINTS use museum grade canvas that is OBA and acid free, archival, bright white canvas medium for photographic reproduction.
ACRYLIC PRINTS use the latest HP latex ink to print directly onto acrylic. HP states that their latex prints, kept indoors, can last up to 200 years under ideal conditions. Of course “ideal” storage conditions probably aren’t the case in most people’s home, however, keeping the print out of direct sunlight, and out of excessive humidity will help ensure good longevity. Unlike paper prints, direct-to-acrylic prints are less susceptible to damage from humidity.

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Oyster Art

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Oyster-inspired abstract art creates a conversation-generating experience with lasting impact!

Debbie Brady was born and grew up in the historic Hydrostone district of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In 1976 she graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Nursing Degree. Shortly afterwards she and her husband moved to Tyne Valley, a rural village located on the Canadian Oyster Coast of Prince Edward Island. While raising her four sons she enjoyed trying a variety of creative outlets. She formally pursued visual arts by attending Holland College and now has over 20 years experience as a graphic designer at her home-based business Graphically Speaking. Having become accomplished at directing many photoshoots for print and online projects Debbie developed a passion for photography. After many years of adding to that skill set she has won photography awards and is now proud to be an Accredited Professional Photographer of Canada.

Debbie has a deep appreciation for F.B. Meyer’s quote, “There are as many worlds of wonder which are too minute for our vision as there are too great for our understanding.” Having enjoyed a variety of photographic genres it’s macro photography—the closer to her subject the better— that has totally captivated her. Not every photo has been a keeper but that only makes her glad that she’s able to use a digital camera. Debbie says, “Photography makes me lose all track of time! If that means time stands still when I have a camera in my hands I hope it translates into a long life yet to live!”

No other artistic endeavour has engaged her so thoroughly as photography. She looks at everything—especially oysters—from a creative perspective using specialized macro photography techniques to celebrate their rich unexpected, and easily overlooked beauty. Her pictures are testimony to the character and mood of subjects as she sees them. She portrays them as they speak to her and have the final piece fulfill her vision. When the image is able to touch the viewer in the same way—then—she can hardly wait to head out with her gear to discover the next one. Photography energizes her with its infinite number of subjects and technical challenges. She doesn’t foresee an end to the exciting stories she can capture in all their glorious detail!