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Joanie Landau
Photography by Joanie Landau seen at Eclectic Home, Greenwich - Shut Up and Kiss Me Hot Pink Quad

Shut Up and Kiss Me Hot Pink Quad


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2020 marks the year in which social interactions and the excitement of forming new relationships were upended. Masks became the new fashion accessory and mouths sadly disappeared from view. Under the influence of Andy Warhol*, I turned my attention to lips. Inclined to keep things upbeat in my art I found myself in an unrelenting fixation with KISSING. “I am fascinated by the shape of your lips and how they fit so perfectly with the shape of mine!” ~ Christy Anne Martine

This series highlights 4 catchphrases: “Smooch,”“Kiss Me,” “Pucker Up” and “Give Me Some Sugar.”

Abstract Digital Photography.

Quad of 20 x 20” panels, face mounted to 1/4” plexi. Other sizes and framing options available on request. Individual panels available.

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Joanie Landau

Meet the Creator

The Essence of Modern Style.

Artist Joanie Landau was born and raised in New York. Early in her artistic career, she became fascinated with collagraphs, a rather obscure form of printmaking. Each of her pieces begins with original photography and usually multiple images are used to form a piece. She loves working with saturated color as well as starkly contrasting black and whites and very often does a study of the same piece in all its beautiful transformations. Like printmaking, the process possesses magical qualities.

The digital art experience provides an outlet to be unceasingly creative, continually working and reworking pieces with the click of a mouse. Every new layer or filter creates endless possibilities, tapping into the unlocked potential that exists and providing the feeling that there are no barriers.

Using direct communication from the streets as well as social media, Joanie Landau’s intention is to confront modern social commentary with a splash of sarcasm and humor. Influenced by artists Mel Bochner, Barbara Kruger and Andy Warhol, she is in a constant state of exploration.