Photography by Cristian Stefanescu seen at London, London - Fill in the Blank #07
Photography by Cristian Stefanescu seen at London, London - Fill in the Blank #07
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Item Fill in the Blank #07
As seen in London, London, United Kingdom

Fill in the Blank #07

Photography by Cristian Stefanescu, as seen in London, London, United Kingdom


Price varies depending on size and does not include transport. Ultra HD Photo Prints On Aluminium Dibond, arrive Ready to Hang

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In my first series of works which I have created in isolation, entitled "Fill in the Blank”, I have only used the white walls of our studio. This series is an invitation to each and every one of you to use and mentally write on these white walls, like on a white sheet of paper, who you prefer to be. We can change ourselves, we can change our vibration, we can start to see a different world.

Black and White Abstract Geometry, Limited Edition Digital Photograph.
Ultra HD Photo Prints On Aluminium Dibond developed on matte Fuji Crystal Professional Archive Maxima photo paper. The matte surface prevents glare; surfaces are laminated with a UV protective film that makes them resistant to light.
Arrive Ready to Hang (integrated wall-mounts on the back using aluminium rail rectangle).
Please note that in situ images are purely an indication of how a piece may look.

Meet the Creator

Cristian Stefanescu

Cristian Stefanescu

London, United Kingdom


I believe in energy, I believe everything is vibration, we, in our human state of being, thoughts, our creations as a direct result of our ideas whether it is a table or a chair, a painting or a photograph.
I believe that, no matter what an artist wants to say, no matter what he or she wants to transmit, eventually it is you, as the viewer, as the observer who fundamentally assigns the meaning of each object or artwork, and by doing that you determine the effect of that assignment as positive or negative, like or dislike.
Your conscious willingness to observe an artwork is translated into an unconscious willingness to observe if you harmonically resonate with the vibration of that particular artwork. Furthermore, when you allow yourself to vibrate sympathetically with the vibration of the artwork, when this synchronicity happens, you get a good feeling, a positive effect, and implicitly you appreciate the work.

Available for commission/custom work