Pendants by Windy Chien seen at SF Decorator Showcase 2019, San Francisco - Custom Helix Lights - Green
Image credit: John Merkl

Custom Helix Lights - Green

Dual design team, Eva Muller Bradley and Alicia Cheung Lichtenstein of studioHEIMAT are honored to present Daydream Believin at the 2019 San Francisco Decorator Showcase. To illuminate the space, the designers selected a pair of bubble fixtures suspended by Windy Chien knot sculptures. At the foot of each bed, hanging dichroic acrylic swings provide seating.
This item is commission/custom work.

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Meet the Creator

Windy Chien makes art that activates space and crafts objects that elevate the daily rituals of life. She is best known for her 2016 work, The Year Of Knots, in which she learned a new knot every day for a year. Her work ranges in size from a knot that can fit in the palm of a child’s hand to majestic, room-sized installations that are sought after by private collectors. Following long careers at Apple and in the music industry, she launched her studio in 2015. Her work has been covered by Wired, The New York Times and Martha Stewart. In 2017, Facebook acquired an edition of The Year of Knots. Windy’s book about her work will be published by Abrams in 2019.