Pendants by Werajane Design seen at Private Residence, Milan - Paloma
Pendants by Werajane Design seen at Private Residence, Milan - Paloma
Image credit: Beppe Brancato
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Item Paloma
Created by Werajane Design
As seen in Private Residence, Milan, Italy


Pendants by Werajane Design, as seen in Private Residence, Milan, Italy

One of a Kind item
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Item Details
Paloma lamp in this gorgeous space styled by Studio Salaris published in the Living Corriere Della Sera magazine.

Paloma is one of 4 lamps from my special and limited edition.
Width: 70cm
Height: 55cm
Handmade within over 50 hours of work.

Styling by Studio Salaris
Magazine: Living Corriere Della Sera

Meet the Creator

Werajane Design

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Werajane Design

Leipzig, Germany

Unique handmade lamps

All my lamps are unique and made to order. They are handwoven by me in my studio in Leipzig. They are made of painted metal and Italian cotton thread. I can ship the lamps everywhere in the world.

At the moment I'm only doing custom orders.

Alluring, one-of-a-kind geometric lampshades from Werajane utilize handcraft techniques to chic effect, referencing 1970s aesthetics and au courant color palettes. Werajane came into being in Leipzig, Germany, in 2016, when its founder, Inga-Wera-Jane Heymann (b. 1994), took a break from education to start her own project of designing lampshades. A native of Cologne, she studied Egyptology and has a strong eye for the visual, having also worked as a model and photographer. Her design approach is influenced by the “UFO-style” lampshades of the 1970s, which she fuses with geometric color-blocking in rich but earthy contrasting hues.

Each lamp is unique, made to order, and completely handmade. Their painted structural frames are produced by a local metal workshop, and Heymann hand-weaves these in her studio with Italian cotton thread. She makes lamps in a variety of styles and sizes, including pendants and table lamps. From a distance, they resemble ancient, angular vases, and they range in depth and height from the relatively shallow “flying saucer” shapes to more elongated lanterns.

Available for commission/custom work