Pendants by Porcelain Bear seen at The Bellevue Hotel, Paddington - Cloche Pendant, Medium

Cloche Pendant, Medium

A row of Cloche pendants in the public bar of the Bellevue Hotel in Paddington, Sydney. Illuminating dining tables was the original purpose of our porcelain Cloche series. The design has evolved over the years and now includes four sizes, several glaze options as well as translucent and non-translucent and wall sconces.

Meet the Creator

Porcelain Bear is a design studio characterised by an experimental exploration of its namesake material. Traversing the worlds of furniture, lighting and object d’art, the Melbourne based studio is distinguished by its unique marriage of traditional techniques with contemporary technology.

Led by the artisanship of founders Gregory Bonasera and Anthony Raymond, Porcelain Bear strives to reimagine porcelain in a decidedly contemporary manner, exploring its boundaries while inventing entirely new applications that respond to the needs of the world’s leading interior design and architecture practices