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Pendants by PATAPiAN seen at Private Residence, Bangkok - Golden Bell Flower Chandelier
Image credit: PATAPiAN STUDIO

Golden Bell Flower Chandelier

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This woven chandelier is inspired by golden bell flower, which has the beautiful form and significant meaning. As Thai people believe that the golden bell flower will bring fame and wealth to its owner. The design presents new perspective of woven techniques, which is a combination of bamboo strips and brass wire.

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Creation: 5-6 weeks

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PATAPiAN is woven decorative items, which combine craft practices with contemporary aesthetics. PATAPiAN products are based on the idea of re-interpretation and creativity that draw inspiration from nature, narrative and everyday life.

PATAPiAN ​inspired by craft practices and contemporary aesthetics, which founded by
Mr. ​Varongkorn Tienparmpool ​and Mrs. ​Supattra Kreaksakul​. ​PATAPiAN ​is dedicated to weaving, art, object, and craftsmanship. They specialize in woven decorative items, including collection of home decoration, lighting, accessories, and artwork collection, which introduced the unique combination of fine weaving and contemporary design to create new elegance of the elements between art and design. The definition of ​PATAPiAN ​comes from the symbol that represents childhood memory of them. Thai people are familiar with PATAPiAN ​and recognize it as a Thai local woven toy. It is a local toy that used traditional weaving techniques. Since they were children, they used to learn this traditional weaving techniques from school. Nowadays, it is a digital age and traditional craft is going to extinction. Thus, they realize the importance of traditional weaving techniques. And they pursue to preserve this precious on an even more contemporary context.