Pendants by JMW Studio Paris by Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert seen at Four Seasons Hotel Megève, Megève - 30 Clouds
Pendants by JMW Studio Paris by Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert seen at Four Seasons Hotel Megève, Megève - 30 Clouds
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30 Clouds

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30 Clouds is a light installation which forms a Milky Way of Clouds—illuminated hangings and unique glass works that are entirely freehand-blown, measuring about sixty centimeters in diameter. In its aeriality, it symbolises time’s passing and suspension. Its contemplative essence is sublimated by its contemporary and pure aesthetic, which presents smooth shapes in diaphanous colours—their evanescent aspect reinforced by their sanded surface—and colour filaments in a variety of patterns with dominant yellows, pinks and blues, technically advanced filigrees that revive the Venetian glass-blowing tradition. The brass hanging system is also handmade, and the LED lighting system is customised.
Hung along fifteen meters, above the Bar Edmond and Le 1920 restaurant, thirty Clouds poetically inhabit those two adjoining spaces. A roof separates them from the sky, but large bay windows make it possible to see them majestically floating on the surrounding mountains. The warm gentleness of their light and their velvety whiteness echo those of the landscape outdoors. The dominant colours of the filigrees recall the various colours that the sun shines on mountains in the course of its trajectory, including the colourful effusions that accompany the sunset.
30 Clouds even goes as far as influencing the aesthetics of the tableware that it flies over, which was also created by Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert in collaboration with Julien Gatillon, the two-star chef of Le 1920.

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JMW Studio Paris by Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert

Meet the Creator

Glassblower based right in the heart of Paris, creating elegant, poetic and sensual lights made of handmade glass and brass.

Born in Paris and raised in West Africa, Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert is a French-American craftsman who has spent over twenty years perfecting freehand glass-blowing techniques that he learned during a cosmopolitan apprenticeship between the United States and Europe alongside the greatest masters from 1998 to 2007. That year, he settled in France, where he divided his time between work in studios and participation in residencies, workshops and conferences. In 2015, within a historic fine artisans’ district in Paris, he opened his own studio where he produces all of his creations.

Mixing passion, creativity, know-how and collaboration within a team in which transmission plays a decisive role, Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert’s creations are all freehand-blown, without a mold. Elegant, sensual, often colourful and always luminous, they combine tradition, modernity and anticipation, and remain inhabited by the movement that formed them. In all their radiance, these unique works reflect multiple facets of glass and its creative potential, drawing from creative freedom, the time to experiment, and a forward-looking inventiveness developed in a spirit of independence and boldness.

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