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Pendants by Danielle Trofe Design seen at Natura Brasil - Marais, Paris - MushLume Hemi Pendant (medium)
Pendants by Danielle Trofe Design seen at Natura Brasil - Marais, Paris - MushLume Hemi Pendant (medium)

MushLume Hemi Pendant (medium)


Creation time: 4-6 Weeks


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Located in the storefront of Natura Brasil in Paris, France, the MushLume Hemi Pendant is all about pushing interior lighting to the limits with an 18″ diameter dome structure made from organic, sustainable and biodegradable mushroom material. It’s a sizable representation of the adaptability of this dynamic material and an introduction into exploring new lighting materials.

MushLume is an award-winning biofabricated lighting collection that is GROWN, not manufactured, from mycelium—the roots of mushrooms

The lampshades are grown utilizing a sustainable crop—hemp—and combines it with a rapidly renewable living organism—mycelium. In just a few days, the mycelium grows, cultivating a thick network of hyphae that binds to the hemp substrate, solidifying into a solid structure within the custom lampshade molds. After the mycelium has fully matured, the lampshades are demolded, dried and heated, creating a stable, inert and 100% biodegradable product.

By tapping into a unique material science that uses mushroom mycelium, we can begin to reimagine a more sustainable future, one in which natural resources are not extracted from nature, but rather are grown in a lab. And where production processes require very little energy or water. Most importantly, when the product is at the end of its lifecycle, it can safely return to the Earth adding nutrients back to the soil rather than lasting for hundreds of years or releasing toxins.

17.5"L x 17.5"W x 9"H

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Creating sustainable solutions at the intersection of science, technology and design

Danielle Trofe Design is a Brooklyn-based design studio that harnesses innovative technologies and material sciences to create functional and accessible design. Danielle aims to encourage a departure from conventional materials and production techniques in search of long-term, sustainable solutions.

The MushLume Lighting Collection, launched in 2014, has received international awards and been one of the first biofabricated goods to prove viability in both retail and commercial markets within the lighting industry. The MushLume Lighting Collection utilizes a sustainable crop (hemp) and combines it with a rapidly renewable living organism (mycelium) and harnesses only the power of nature to GROW the lampshades that in turn can return safely to the earth (home compostable), adding nutrients back to the soil rather than pollutants.

The award-winning Hydroponic Vertical Garden is a testament that aesthetic need not be compromised when incorporating innovative technologies into the design process. Exhibited at BMW's Born Electric Tour in 2013 and becoming permanent installations at the Brooklyn and U.S. Botanic Gardens, Danielle Trofe's vertical gardens offer a glimpse into a biophilic future.

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