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Created and Sold by Honey Bee Hill Ceramics

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Honey Bee Hill Ceramics
Pair of Horizon Stemless Wine cups, 10 oz. | Drinkware by Honey Bee Hill Ceramics
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Pair of Horizon Stemless Wine cups, 10 oz. | Drinkware by Honey Bee Hill Ceramics
Pair of Horizon Stemless Wine cups, 10 oz. | Drinkware by Honey Bee Hill Ceramics

Pair of Horizon Stemless Wine cups, 10 oz. - Drinkware

Price $52

Creation: 4-6 weeks
Shipping: 3-7 days
Price $14.95 Shipping in the US, ask the creator about international shipping.
Estimated Arrival: May 13, 2023


Woman Owned

Made in USA

Made to order

Natural Materials

TThe larger basin of this stoneware vessel allows for more air to reach your wine, or, to fill it a bit higher. Your choice!

These beautiful wine cups are sold in sets of two and are made to order. The durability the cup paired with the fun glazes, create a joyful experience for your everyday use. Available in multiple colors to help keep glasses identifiable when sharing among friends and family.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Why do we sell in pairs? To minimize shipping costs per cup. If you want a single cup for $22, inquire and we can tell you how much it will be to ship your way!

Please note that as our small business grows, thanks in large part to Wescover (thank you!), we cannot guarantee holiday deliveries for products ordered after October 31st. While we will always do our best to accommodate a delivery timeline request, as a one-potter studio, we simply cannot create more than a certain number of items at any given time. That said, if you want gifts sent to a recipient to save time, please don't hesitate to ask!

Wholesale pricing available for orders exceeding 10 cups.

Returns accepted within 14 days. See Creator Policy
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Item Pair of Horizon Stemless Wine cups, 10 oz.
As seen in Creator's Studio, Rockport, ME
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Honey Bee Hill Ceramics
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
Art for everyday use, made with love for you and the planet.

We all know the immense impact that honey bees have on our world for food production and continuing the natural beauties of the landscape through pollination. It was not until my husband, son, and I relocated to the coastal town of Rockport, Maine, that I truly saw and appreciated their work with my own eyes. Taking a lesson from the honey bee, I strive to add to the community around me. My studio was built with energy and water efficiency in mind, using less than 4 gallons of freshwater a month and recycling the gray water. When the water is used as far as it can go, it is then given over to the flowers and trees that fill our land.
Aside from the joy of holding handmade ware, chosen for your own delight, pottery made right here in the United States does us a world of good. My aim is to make functional artwork that is comfortable, affordable, and brings you happiness with each use. The porcelain, stoneware, and glazes that I use are durable, fade-resistant, microwavable, oven and dishwasher safe, reducing one's use of disposable products.
I will not sell something I do not have faith in, so when my product arrives in your home you will know its beauty and function will stand the test of daily use.