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Wendy Grace
Paintings by Wendy Grace seen at City of Knox - Out Of The Woods

Out Of The Woods


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My work explores the patterns and colours of the natural world and reference the landscape’s cycle of growth and change. Paintings inspired by woodland areas that reflect by continued investigation of the painting process as a descriptive tool of colour relationships, gesture and abstract compositions.
These works reflect my fascination with natures self synthesis, the organic recreation and perpetuation as a romantic expression. The expression of nature concealed by its visual portrayal, imagery in my work that responds to the life cycle in nature, expressed in a fluid and aqueous manner that mimics the ebb and flow of nature’s forms and colour.

Formations observed in plant foliage, undergrowth and tree tops provided the starting point for these works. Evocative forms and patterns are created during the process of painting and manipulation. Overlapping shapes and stains of paint vacillate between the familiar and the unknown. I like to create paintings that transport the viewer to another world, fluid like pictures of organic forms, and patterns that conjure up the imagination, providing an escape from the real world.

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Wendy Grace

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A dance with nature

I am a Melbourne artist who loves nature and shares my passion for the natural world through my photography and abstract paintings. Working with the medium of paint, I explore the patterns and colors observed in the landscape. Painting on canvas and paper I work with organic motifs and contours creating translucent veils of colors that run, pool, and bloom, forms that suggest the patterns of nature’s cycle of growth and change. Evocative shapes and patterns are created during the process of painting and manipulation. Overlapping shapes and translucent stains of paint vacillate between the familiar and the unknown connecting with memories and the imagination. I aim to provide an escape from the real world in my work, a space of contemplation where the ebb and flow of color and form beckon a dialogue with the viewer.
I have been painting professionally since 2007 when I completed a Fine Art Honors degree at RMIT University Melbourne. My abstract and landscape paintings have been shortlisted for a number of national prizes, including recently the John Villiers Outback Art Prize Queensland, and also the First prize for the Open Art exhibition at the Frankston Arts Centre, 2017. My works are exhibited regularly in solo exhibitions in Melbourne and regional centers and with the recent Covid lockdown on global virtual platforms. Many of my paintings are held in private and public collections locally and overseas if you are interested in any paintings and would like further information please message me to discuss. I welcome commissions. Shipping from Melbourne to the USA is quite reasonably priced depending on the size of the selected painting and location. Please enjoy the work displayed on Wescover and I look forward to talking with you soon. Wendy