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Created and Sold by Tracie Cheng

Tracie Cheng
The Arms of the Sea | Paintings by Tracie Cheng | The Health Center at Hudson Yards in New York
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Image credit: Chris Leary Photography
The Arms of the Sea | Paintings by Tracie Cheng | The Health Center at Hudson Yards in New York
The Arms of the Sea | Paintings by Tracie Cheng | The Health Center at Hudson Yards in New York

The Arms of the Sea - Paintings

Featured In The Health Center at Hudson Yards, New York, NY

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Creation: 8-10 weeks

‘The Arms of the Sea” is a custom diptych made for the Health Center at Hudson Yards in New York City, NY. The painting welcomes patients to the boutique health center, drawing them in with its gentle, enveloping waves.

This is one of 4 original paintings commissioned by the Health Center at Hudson Yards.

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Item The Arms of the Sea
Created by Tracie Cheng
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Tracie Cheng
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2018
The lines are on a journey; in and out of the depths of consciousness and forever dreams.

My paintings call to mind natural phenomena with a playful and dynamic quality of space and movement. I am interested in patterns, forms, fractals in nature, and how they densely overlap in the world around us. I am also interested in what it means to live a full and fulfilling life, and allowing all the things that are most important to me—faith, family, community, culture, emotional health, design, process—to influence the spirit of my paintings.

As the first of my Taiwanese family to be born in the United States, I grew up with the complexities of different cultures brought closely together, existing in tension and uniting in partnership. The life of my parents and their parents have significantly shaped my painting language, even if most of it comes through subconsciously. Now, as a wife and mother, I see the complexities in a new light and find every nuance of the journey to be revelatory. Along the way through painting, what I have found is a deeper connection with who I am, who I was made to be, and who I want to be- not just a painter, but a storyteller, inviting others into the story untold. The forms these stories take has parallels between Chinese brush painting, abstraction, and architectural renderings.

I paint to be reminded of the beauty and wonder in the everyday. I paint to refashion typical perspectives and engage people with the 'unseen' and the 'unknown'. There is always more than meets the eye- but keep your eyes open and maybe you'll get to behold a glimmer of what's beyond.


Tracie attended the University of Texas in Austin and graduated with a degree in architecture. After several years of architectural work, her desire to shape environments shifted to the visual arts. Tracie has paintings in private collections all over the world, and has shown her work in galleries in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Shanghai. She has worked with Restoration Hardware, Saatchi Art, and Nava Contemporary, among other galleries and art consultants, including a collection of paintings custom made for Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. Tracie feels fortunate to be pursuing art, and navigating work and life alongside her husband and son.