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Mountain Baker


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Oil Painting - 36x48 inches. Mountain- contemporary and impressionistic. Mountain shining through majestic fir trees. Sun shimmers off lake and reflects color. Color is probably my most important consideration when making a painting. I focus on the color that is a perfect combination to one that is down already. I contrast texture – thin wash next to impasto, for example. I work the shapes as if they are puzzle pieces, I use thin glazes to add luminosity and create colors that are unique and luscious then add thick brush marks as contrast.

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Teresa Smith

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Cathedral trees and wild places. Colors and shapes and the soul in nature.

Teresa Smith
B.A., Visual Arts, Naropa University

Informed by a naturalist philosophy, Teresa’s art combines a richness of oil paint and contemplative practice. Growing up in rural Quebec instilled a sincere and intimate love of deep woods.
Years of riding horses through old growth forest of the west coast. Hikes with Irish Wolfhounds and immersion into the plant world as a Master Gardener inform her work. The philosophy of the intelligence of trees adds depth. Teresa paints the soul in nature.
Teresa graduated from Naropa University with a contemplative arts degree. She exhibits her largescale oil paintings in the US and Canada.
She lives on a little ferry served island with her horses, irish wolfhounds, and giant fir trees. The vista in front of her is Mount Baker and the Salish Sea.

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