Created and Sold by Susan Maakestad

Susan Maakestad

Watercolors Installation - Paintings

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Nine watercolors, 5 x 7 inches unframed. Interior created by Diane Martin of Greg Baudoin Interior Design for ArtsMemphis's Art by Design showcase.

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Susan Maakestad
Meet the Creator
For many years I have painted the mundane urban landscape, transforming it with diffuse atmosphere and exaggerated color. My source material is midwestern internet traffic cameras and views from security cameras. I love the long empty vistas of the Midwest and its changing light.. Recently I moved to a studio near interstate 55 in Memphis where I can see highways and sunsets directly outside my window. The emotional impact of my work is more important to me than accurate representation. The tension between abstraction and illusionism in my paintings generates something familiar and yet unknown, of this world and yet also otherworldly.