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Created and Sold by Studio Greer Rōbear

Studio Greer Rōbear

Abstract Painting

Creator not accepting inquiries

Studio Greer Rōbear painted this abstract art that compliments in the color palette of this bedroom.

Interior designed by Lizzie Clarke.

Item Abstract Painting
As seen in Private Residence, Austin, TX
Studio Greer Rōbear
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
Father & Daughter Art Studio


Ross Jr. also known as RŌBEAR has his grandparents, parents, Rossie and Dolly, to thank for their impeccable taste in antiques, eclectic heirlooms, and exposing him to art at a young age. At an early age he spent weekends and afternoons at Houston auctions and estate sales with his family all the while becoming more familiar with history, time periods, and civilization through antiquities.

The intrigue for fine art took over in his early 20's and so he purchased his own set of brushes and canvas, and began to paint portraits of people and places that captured his imagination. He explored styles that interested him at the time and taught himself to paint like the heroes of old. Still to this day, Ross can move from one style to the next depending on his mood and inspiration.

By trade, a defense attorney - a resilient man, Texan through and through. The coolest guy in the room. His wife Jan also notably passionate for antiques, art, and interiors also would agree. As a father, gentle, inviting, and intriguing. As a painter, unpredictable, expressive, passionate, humorous. Some of his best paintings involve stories and experiences that only he could retell with a captivated audience- usually a tight knit group of friends and family who love to hear of a time long past.


It was in her elementary years that Ross Jr. first invited his daughter, Greer, to explore and experiment with various artistic mediums and disciplines. After studying Art History and a semester in Florence, Italy she knew pursuing her art would be a lifestyle first with hopes of evolving into a respected painter.

Greer Ross Dexter, wife and mother of three boys, is charming, feminine, and interesting with little effort. Her painting style is abstract, figurative, and expressionistic. At times her work is seemingly more reserved and controlled than her dad's with his bold use of color and assertion towards the canvas. But don't let her fool you, Greer's heavy use of oils and broad strokes are commanding and captivating.

She would say whatever moves a person to connect with a piece of art is the only reason to purchase- the transaction of art must be meaningful. Collecting art is all about relationship. You fall in love with the piece and the romance begins.

Did Robert Newton Ross Jr. ever imagine one day his little girl would be painting by his side- not as an apprentice, but as a wife, mother, and seasoned artist? Perhaps not, but it is one of the single most prized accomplishments of his life to date.