Paintings by Stuart Bern seen at Private Residence, Brookhaven - “Minimalist”
Paintings by Stuart Bern seen at Private Residence, Brookhaven - “Minimalist”
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Item “Minimalist”
Created by Stuart Bern
As seen in Private Residence, Brookhaven, GA


Paintings by Stuart Bern, as seen in Private Residence, Brookhaven, GA

Starts at US$1,500

Price varies depending on size, medium (paper bs canvas) and if piece exists in inventory vs commissioning a new piece for the collector.

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Mixed medium on acrylic paper and framed.

Meet the Creator

Stuart Bern

Stuart Bern

Atlanta, GA

Contemporary Abstract Artist & Fine Art

Stuart Bern is an American contemporary abstract artist whose pieces are an expression of his innermost emotions. Starting with a blank canvas, Stuart embarks on beautiful journey full of challenges, doubt as well as excitement throughout. The process of creating something from nothing takes both vulnerability and a great deal of strength. A critical part of this process is that of letting go, staying present and welcoming change. The outcome is distinct pieces of art that take on a life of their own and speak to the viewer through visual representations rather than words.

Stuart's signature abstract style focuses on powerful lines defined by multiple textured layers of bold colors created from the use of scraping tools. Influenced by the likes of Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline and Gerhard Richter, his paintings have defined elements seen in many of the great abstract expressionist artists from the 1950’s.

Stuart’s pieces can be found on display in the homes of private collectors and multiple online galleries in both the US and London. Represented by Hansford & Sons, Stuart was chosen as the first Emerging Global Artist located outside of the UK.

Available for commission/custom work

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