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Created and Sold by stephen cimini

stephen cimini
orange zone | Paintings by stephen cimini | New York Studio, NY in New York
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orange zone | Paintings by stephen cimini | New York Studio, NY in New York
orange zone | Paintings by stephen cimini | New York Studio, NY in New York

orange zone - Paintings

Featured In New York Studio, NY, New York, NY

From the MATH TO BEAUTY Series—MATH TO BEAUTY is series of paintings employing the golden mean as a basis for the geometric compositions which the artist has come to call random symmetry. This fascinating ratio, frequently found in nature and geometry, is perceived by many to play a role in the human perception of beauty.
So much has been written about the golden ratio, to the point that it’s hard to discern fact from fiction. But whatever the truth, the golden ratio has properties that hasintrigued and inspired mathematicians, biologists, artists, musicians, historians, architects, psychologists, and even mystics for centuries.
“Using the golden ratio in the cavalier way that I do keeps me mindful of proportion. Just when I think it’s working along comes color to challenge my senses. In the end my intentions are to create beauty in my work. As the Greeks put it, the three ingredients to beauty are: symmetry, proportion, and harmony.”
—stephen cimini

Oil paint, cold wax medium and marble dust on gallery wrapped canvas. The painting continues around the edges of the piece and is ready for hanging. The painting can also be enhanced in a floating frame.
78.5 x 48 x 3inches

Item orange zone
Created by stephen cimini
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stephen cimini
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Wescover creator since 2019
Geometric Abstract Paintings—a balance between spontaneity and order

Originally from the small town of Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Cimini first studied fine art at the San Francisco Art Institute and eventually moved back east to study at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He wrestled with various art forms from wood constructed sculpture to conceptual environments before landing on abstract painting something he loved from an early age. In 1994, he began developing the vocabulary for his current work, which originates from the linear landscape of Manhattan. It has since mutated to geometric spaces and their relationships to each other while still adhering to its architectural origins. His fascination with the mystery of color is also a vital aspect of his work.