Created and Sold by Sherry Tobin

Sherry Tobin

Put A Bird On It

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Painted Utility Box

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Sherry Tobin

Meet the Creator

For Sherry, creating art goes back as far as her memory. She grew up in a world where joy was found in painting discarded bottles and decorating rocks with flowers made of papier mâché. From early in life she decided that the ordinary paraphernalia all around her simply needed to be cut in half, glued together, and then painted to expose its intrinsic delight. This vision of the world, along with her relationship with art as both joy and therapy, has served as a baseline for Sherry.

Known artistically as a mixed media mosaic artist. Sherry’s approach to creating and sharing art is steeped in the spirit of collaboration and inclusion. She’s become a solid contributor to the blossoming art community of Vallejo, California, where she currently lives. Sherry’s art is accessible and energetic. It encourages a reaction from the viewer whether that response is amazement, amusement, or even just a smile.