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Created and Sold by Sebastian Schager

Sebastian Schager
Happy Martyr | Paintings by Sebastian Schager
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Happy Martyr - Paintings

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One of a diptych, about 50x80cm. Acrylic paint gold leaf on vintage print in original frame.

Context & Credits

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Sebastian Schager
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
Born in Vienna, Sebastian Schager graduated in graphics and communications in 2007, is a founding member of the artist group PERFEKT WORLD (2007-2016) and began to study art history right after college. The group was exhibiting in New York, Berlin and Vienna, just to name a few. In 2016 the group split and the association and gallery Jan Arnold based in Vienna was founded. Sebastian Schager from this point on works under the name Artis.Love, started a small fashion label Artis.Limited and an enterprise going by the name of LEAP – Limited Edition Art Prints offering small and affordable print editions. Next to his work as an artist he also is involved in Exhibition making, takes care of the Q21 – Artist in Residence program for #Streetartpassage for which he periodically invites international street artists to stay and work a month within the renowned art complex MuseumQuartier (MQ) Vienna. Sebastian Schager is also responsible for the annual festival like exhibition “Living Studio” at the 500m2 large exhibition space frei_raum (MQ). Next to all projects Sebastian Schager works and lives as an Artist in Vienna for over 10 years.

The artistic work of Sebastian Schager is not meant to give straight answers or even communicate accusations. The goal is much more about questions and provoking a dialog. Depending on ones iconographic and iconologic knowledge, content in art presents itself differently. It’s the different ways of reading and the generated tension Sebastian Schager is interested in – not unintentionally his work can be laid out as provocative. A religious symbol combined with tears for example can trigger vastly different thought patterns. It’s all about an intentional blur made of supposingly diced together imagery and objects left for the spectator to put in focus and to deal with.

“It’s not critical one can see at the first glance and isolated, it's what each one makes out of it.”

It’s a state, which next to other qualities based on the work itself (Just looks cool…) is an exciting everlasting conflict of interpretation. For the artist the wish of the attentive spectator to fully understand the content by scanning and revealing interpretation versions and clichés and at the same time trying to relate themselves to the offered granulate of symbols can stay a desire. What this whole thing is about is the syntax of the picture content. It’s all about trying to read between the lines in a global language made of symbols and Ikons one has to create their own grammar for.

Site and subject-specific thought patterns, material qualities, internal semantics and transcultural layers, linguistic and semiotic dimensions within work titles or written on the canvas are other sub-layers affecting one's perception and interpretation of imagery.

Schager’s work understands itself as a reflection on a chock-full media society whose members, each for themselves but the system generally lack in process time. Things don’t get cleared up, they get piled. This media piles work as source, get picked apart, brought in suspense, composted and passed on for intellectualisation.