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Created and Sold by Sebastián Bayo

Sebastián Bayo
pellejo | Paintings by Sebastián Bayo
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pellejo | Paintings by Sebastián Bayo
pellejo | Paintings by Sebastián Bayo
pellejo | Paintings by Sebastián Bayo

pellejo - Paintings

Price from $1,000 to $1,400

Mixed media art.

Item pellejo
Created by Sebastián Bayo
As seen in Private Residence, Madrid, Spain
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Sebastián Bayo
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2020
This project is formed by pictorial and sculptural abstractions that study the representation of the contemporary emotional constructions. The psychological buildings react to a hostile urban context. This seismic context shakes the structures until they collapse.

My name is Sebastián Bayo. I am an architect and contemporary artist from Spain.
My first contact with art as a way of personal expression happened in London in 2015. At that moment I was going through an emotionally complex time of my life. This situation pulled me into a depression that I was only able to manage thanks to psychological treatments and therapy. Part of that therapy consisted on writing as a way of expressing all those feelings and taking them out from the head to the paper. I soon realized that writing was not the way of expression that best fitted me, and I discovered painting as a much more accurate way to express everything I had inside my head. That was the way I started exploring my own head in an intuitive way. I slowly developed a personal language at the same time I got deeper and dee- per inside my head, exploring it like a labyrinth. Room after room, structure after structure, I walked along my head as if it was an architecture. I recognised my head as a psychological architecture.
In those moments when everything around seemed hostile to me I used to look for refuge inside myself. Reaching states of great alienation I used to paint and draw on paper or any other media in an automatic, non conscious way. Rage, Doubt, frustration, sadness... came out from me to the paper on an intuitive way as portraits, more specifically self Portraits.
It was a systematic representation in repetitive automatic way as an in a trance state. I made portraits and more portraits that somehow always represented myself. They were my inner portraits. The more ink I dropped on the paper the deeper I got into my own reality and the more I disconnected from the hostility of the outer reality. The more rage, doubt, sadness... I captured on the paper, the more I felt released of those feelings myself. Painting was my therapy. Painting is my way of connecting with my inner me. My painting was not ambitious at all. I made it for myself only. It wasn’t my objective to change the world, neither my own con- text. I only wanted to change myself, or at least understand myself. Make myself “habitable”.