Paintings by Rod McIntosh seen at Nobu Hotel, London - Optimism I
Paintings by Rod McIntosh seen at Nobu Hotel, London - Optimism I
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Item Optimism I
Created by Rod McIntosh


Price range is dependent on scale of work, whether mounted to wood, canvas or paper. Prices quoted are for work only. I can quote for framing using a preferred UK supplier. Crating and shipping not included.

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Item Details
Ink on Chinese mulberry paper mounted to a Fabriano cartridge substrate (120gsm) on birch panel

This couplet of works are two single enso (circle) created following a slow smooth breath. A gentle steady inhale and exhale. Focussing my mind and bringing myself to being present in the act of creation. More mindful.

They are a physical record of a captured moment created during lockdown 2020. With a half section of the inner space gilded with 24 carat gold leaf. Southern hemisphere in Optimism I and Northern in II. I am reminded that we have a choice of how to experience and react to that which we cannot control.

Is the contained space half empty or half full?

These two are part of 6 works commissioned for the permanent collection hung in the public spaces and suites. And 8 pieces hung on the first-floor colonnade as part of a pop-up exhibition. ⁣

⁣⁣This new hotel is looking amazing. The collection that has been assembled is truly inspiring. An accolade to the vision of the art consultant and designers. They have bought together an international roll call of artists. Each sharing a sensibility to their materials, attention to mastering their process, and sharing an aesthetic that has connections to east Asia.⁣
⁣Totally buzzing to have been a part of this and humbled to see my work appear so at home.⁣

Meet the Creator

Rod McIntosh

Actively Selling

Rod McIntosh

England, United Kingdom

Monochrome ink paintings. Created through mindful movement and the observation of the breath.

Rod McIntosh is an artist with his studio in the midst of the English countryside of rural Kent. He works between Kent and London as an exhibiting artist and is represented by several galleries and consultants working together to build a national and international profile for his work.

He studied figurative sculpture in Sheffield, graduating in 1992. He maintained a dynamic practice alongside a successful Arts Management and academic career until 2009. When he returned full-time to the studio.

His current work as a mark-maker lies within the tradition of drawing. With his body, the breath along with materials, and repetitive often-obsessive processes focus attention to the present. Observing and recording the moment of creation within a continuum.

He speaks of them as;

“Physical meditations, that offers himself, and the viewer, a moment to pause.”

Available for commission/custom work