Paintings by Rita Dungey seen at Northrup King Building, Minneapolis - Abstract Painting
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Item Abstract Painting
Created by Rita Dungey
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A painting I sold to a lovely couple from Rochester, MN this year. I always appreciate a follow up photo so I can see it in its new home. It’s a joy to make art and an added delight to meet the people who resonate with it and want to enjoy it as much as I do.

Meet the Creator

Rita Dungey

Rita Dungey

Minneapolis, MN

Rita Kirsch Dungey's non-representational and abstract mixed media works are a combination of bold forms, colors, and textures that are intuitively and expressively combined to create lush, free, and energetic images.

Rita's background in health-care, healing, and helping others is the foundation of her artistic practice. She experiences art as a combination of life-giving forces and honors the freedom to create. Having courage, responding to what occurs, trusting nature, and following one’s rhythms all work to breathe life into her work and art.

Available for commission/custom work