Paintings by Renee Tohl seen at Private Residence, Tintinhull - Watercolour Art
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Item Watercolour Art
Created by Renee Tohl
As seen in Private Residence, Tintinhull, Australia

Watercolour Art

Paintings by Renee Tohl, as seen in Private Residence, Tintinhull, Australia

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This watercolour painting is an artwork of Renee Tohl that found its new and forever home.

Meet the Creator

Renee Tohl

Renee Tohl

Central Coast, Australia

Hi I'm Renee, an Australian artist and designer living on the NSW Central Coast. My current work features predominantly abstract watercolour and ink but with a strong love of mixed media and digital art, this is often also featured in my work.

I began my career as a graphic designer where my appreciation for art and design evolved. After having two children and taking a step back from work I decided to explore my artistic side for fun and it grew very quickly from there.

My style is full of movement and texture, often involving layered pattern and detail which adds depth and intricacy to each piece. I like to create based upon mood and I usually feel a strong pull towards the free flow and texture of liquid mediums such as watercolour, ink and acrylic paint. I don’t usually have a plan for what I’m going to create I just try to let go and see what happens which is interesting and means my style is always evolving and changing.

Available for commission/custom work