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Paintings by Peter D. Gerakaris Studio seen at Private Residence, Hampton Bays - Aquaverse - Private Painting Commission

Aquaverse - Private Painting Commission

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A special site-specific commission for Hamptons beach house residence. 48 in. x 48 in. framed (44 in. x 44 in. unframed), Acrylic on canvas. 2020. Private Collection (Hampton Bays, NY)

Brief description:

Aquaverse is a bespoke, site-specific painting that organically harmonizes dramatic views of the exterior seascape and landscape with the client's airy, contemporary interior. One’s experience with the artwork and its chromatic effects are ever changing: reflected daylight and shadows move throughout the space and surface of the canvas resulting in ephemeral tonalities from sunrise to sunset. After sundown, a custom-designed lighting system switches on to warmly illuminate the work and residence. In response to these high-contrast lighting conditions, the artist has intentionally amplified the painting’s color palette through a luminous use of shade and hue.

Aquaverse’s imagery and carefully chosen format offer a metaphysical window to meditative dimensions. Meanwhile, all motifs and aquatic abstractions are inspired by everything from the micro detail and sacred geometry found within Nautilus and Oyster shells to macro perspectives of oceanic weather patterns. The imagery is meticulously hand-painted layer by layer in a game of call and response over an initial, ethereal background. Beginning on the artist’s studio floor, these initial background washes emerge from a primordial process of drips, dyes, and spills that allow pigments to mingle spontaneously.

Color gradients also morph from hot to cool in reference to the seasons outside, while interior features such as a flame’s color temperature (as observed in the fireplace beneath the work) are conjured in this painting’s palette. The luminous white space central to the composition offers a deep atmospheric dimension that evokes an expansive physical & psychic space - a dimension meant to mesmerize.

Working directly with the clients and ZTCA Hamptons Architecture from day 1 – on everything from thematic motifs to wall proportions & lighting specs – Aquaverse is seamlessly integrated within its environment as an heirloom statement piece.

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Peter D. Gerakaris Studio

Meet the Creator

Interdisciplinary artist whose vibrant paintings, public installations, & origami sculptures engage Nature-Culture themes.

American interdisciplinary artist Peter D. Gerakaris was raised a free-range child in New Hampshire, earning a BFA from Cornell University and an MFA from Hunter College where he received the Tony Smith Prize.

Gerakaris’ kaleidoscopic paintings, installations, and origami sculptures engage nature-culture themes and are showcased in various permanent institutional collections including the National Museum of Wildlife Art (Jackson, WY), NYC Department of Education Public Art for Public Schools (Brooklyn, NY), the U.S. Department of State Art in Embassies Program in Libreville, Gabon (Africa), the Schomburg Center (New York, NY), the Waskowmium (Burlington, VT), the Warwick Hotel (Bahamas), and Citibank, in addition to a spectrum of private collections around the globe such as Beth Rudin DeWoody and the William Lim Living Collection (Hong Kong, China).

Additionally, Gerakaris has created many large-scale public commissions awarded by Cornell Tech, The Surrey Hotel, Bergdorf Goodman, and the Warwick Hotel Paradise Island Permanent Collection (Bahamas). The artist also recently completed a permanent, site-specific public art commission through the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs Percent for Art Program — an immersive, hand-painted installation spanning over 116ft at PS101K (Brooklyn, NY).

Having received distinctions such as the National Academy of Art’s Edwin Austin Abbey Fellowship and the Vermont Studio Center’s Clowes Foundation Full-Fellowship, his artwork has been exhibited internationally at the Bronx Museum, Wave Hill, Daniel Weinberg Gallery, Google NYC, FX Collaborative, Chinese Contemporary (Beijing), various art fairs such as Scope and the Doors (Seoul), iSolAIR (Cape Verde Islands, West Africa), the National Academy of Fine Arts, and the Mykonos Biennale, while also being featured in publications like Architectural Digest, the Financial Times, and W Magazine.