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Joyous Beginnings - Paintings

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JOYOUS BEGINNINGS // 30”x30” acrylic mixed media abstract impressionist painting on canvas

Look how perfect a lively colorful painting looks in a room with the decor in neutral tones. It brings the room to life with so much energy.

"I created this painting right after my very first trip to Hawaii. When I returned home, I felt refreshed and renewed. The lush tropical flowers, the mountains, and the movement of the ocean does such wonders for your well being. Let the feeling of peace wash over you as the rich colors and movement of the brushwork sing their refreshing song. Let it seep into your soul."

Context & Credits

Paulette Insall, Portland Contemporary Artist
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2019
Beauty is necessary, serving as an invitation to savor this one precious life and a way to experience a sense of the eternal. My art stirs the soul and connects you not only to the beauty of the human experience, but also to what lies beyond our sight. In creating beauty, my artwork is a window into a place of joy and rest, away from a noisy and imperfect world.

My paintings are created through intuitive responses while engaged with the work. The process is completely organic and spontaneous. What emerges on the canvas is an internal language that is highly emotional and personal, yet at the same time universal. It speaks of places unseen, but at the same time comforting and memories of a place we feel we have been before, but can't quite recall all the details of the experience.

My inspiration comes from both my life experiences and the colors and forms found in nature. Living in the Pacific Northwest just outside of Portland, I am surrounded by a never-ending wonderland of lush green forests and a bounty of colorful flora. Using color as language, my work is alive with emotion through the movement of the brushwork and the luscious layered colors. Much like memories, each painting is filled with layer upon layer of paint, building a rich history into each piece.

Though largely self-taught over my career, I have studied with Krista Harris, Audrey Phillips, and Charlotte Foust. I am influenced by the work of Joan Mitchell, Cy Twombly, Willem de Kooning, Monet, and Van Gogh.