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Created and Sold by Patrick Forchild

Patrick Forchild
Fait à la main | Paintings by Patrick Forchild | Korrigane in Québec
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Image credit: Guillaume D. Cyr
Fait à la main | Paintings by Patrick Forchild | Korrigane in Québec
Fait à la main | Paintings by Patrick Forchild | Korrigane in Québec
Fait à la main | Paintings by Patrick Forchild | Korrigane in Québec

Fait à la main - Paintings

Featured In Korrigane, Québec, Canada

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Artworks produced in collaboration with photographer Guillaume D. Cyr for a permanent exhibition, called “Fait à la main”, at the craft brewery La Korrigane, Quebec.

The stages of beer making were captured and printed by Guillaume D. Cyr
and patrick forchild intervened using different types of paint directly on the printed pictures.

Item Fait à la main
Created by Patrick Forchild
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Patrick Forchild
Meet the Creator
Wescover creator since 2021
Pour la jeunesse

Coming from the world of graffiti, Patrick Forchild has developed in the last two decades an artistic practice combining painting (mural and small format) and photography, tinged with this alternative culture which has forged his artistic identity. His vaporous and nostalgic works are populated with recurring characters and motifs that sometimes bring us back to youth, sometimes to the vagaries of current events and to contemporary social and political demands. Inspired by his surroundings and his travels, Patrick creates paintings with timeless atmospheres which are also resolutely engaged and anchored in the present, where a whole generation can find a reflection.

The use of photography and spray paint is a constant in the mediums he advocates, although his constantly evolving work has led him today to combine ink, acrylic, latex paint and pencil of all kinds. He likes to exploit in his plastic explorations different unconventional supports such as recovered or found objects, skateboard decks, street furniture and exterior walls. One thing led to another, he has also developed an expertise in the production of large-scale murals that can be observed in various urban centers in Quebec. In addition to locally created works, his work has enabled him to participate in various festivals and exhibitions internationally, notably in Mexico, Brazil, and France.

Alongside his artistic career, Patrick is also an accomplished entrepreneur to whom we owe various artistic and commercial initiatives, in particular the clothing company AVIVE which he founded and which he has managed since 2004, for which he signs most of the work of the visual invoice. Active in the artistic community of Quebec, the artist is part of the Collectives La Paria and EN MASSE (Montreal) and of UltraFlatBlack / NoirMat and Canadian Bacon (Quebec). He was also one of the founding members of the Morgan Bridge Gallery (2007 to 2014) which worked for several years to promote urban art in Quebec City.

Recently, Patrick Forchild has been interested in the transfer of knowledge and the initiation of young people into artistic expression through graffiti. Noting on the one hand the interest of a young audience in aerosol painting techniques and on the other hand the absence of associated educational proposals, he set about creating a series of fun discovery and learning workshops. exploration of the typical graffiti mediums, addressed to the public of primary and secondary age (although teachers and parents also seem to enjoy it!). He is currently working to adapt his cultural mediation workshops to reach a more marginalized type of audience (special needs, learning disabilities, etc.) who would invite them to take alternative avenues to success by expressing their creativity.