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Prairie Boss | Paintings by Marilyn Landers

Prairie Boss - Paintings


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Mixed media on large gallery wrapped canvas of a bison (from a personal photograph of the subject). I find the bison so intriguing: powerful but very gentle-looking eyes. The canvas is 48” x 48” and is meant to bring the facial expression front and center.

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Marilyn Landers
Meet the Creator
My ultimate desire throughout the creative process is to share a single moment in time with the observer ~ a human connection through my personal artistic journey.

My passion for art began at a young age. At age 3, I used my entire arsenal of crayons to “enhance” my best friends brick grout on her front porch (still on display today)! Throughout my youth, I became enthralled with dance, specifically infatuated with choreography and movement. After several years of teaching dance, this experience set the stage for the arts. Throughout my adult life, I attended art workshops but thrilled at the acceptance to study under the direction of Gregory Johnson, world renowned artist. With Greg’s encouragement and a leap of faith I launched my own decorative art business for twenty years. Today, my stage in the arts is primarily canvas art and I love the twists and turns along the way. My hope is to have you enjoy and participate in my artistic journey!