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Margaret Brown

Dolce Far Niente “The Sweetness of Doing Nothing” # 3


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Dolce Far Niente “The Sweetness of Doing Nothing” # 3
30 x 40 inches
oil on stretched canvas

Dolce Far Niente “The Sweetness of Doing Nothing”
In Italian, it means "The sweetness of doing nothing." This series was an exploration of giving permission of letting go and enjoying life's immense simple pleasures.

My series are a constant reminder of what I want to keep in the forefront of my mind. This particular series came about after a visit with my mentor. She said that every day I need to do three things. 1. Sit outside for an hour just listening and watching 2. Meditate and 3. Move my body (walk, run, exercise somehow). Now this sounds simple enough but I have been under the illusion for so long that you are not productive unless you are “doing” something and just sitting seemed difficult, if not impossible. But eventually I relinquished and began to do just that...nothing for an hour every day.

I would watch the birds fly and sing, squirrels fight and do their acrobatic dances and listen to the trees sway in the wind. I haven’t done any of those things since I was a child and it has made me realize that as important as it is to accomplish tasks, it is just as important to do nothing and in a world that is seemingly obsessed with entertainment at all times. By forcing myself to do “nothing’, it has easily become my favorite part of the day and has made me so much more productive and happier in life.

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Margaret Brown

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I attempt to paint subtle hidden truths of the human condition by unlearning, excavating and remembering these truths which are personal yet collective. I am fascinated by the many layers of ourselves and the process of what we choose to reveal or not, to ourselves and one another. Discovering both sides of the spectrum, both conscious and unconscious, in a constant process of learning to “unlearn” coping mechanisms and subconscious programming created early in life. ​ I show this process through intentional layering, mark making and specific color choices. I use transparent layers to represent what we reveal to others or ourselves and opaque for concealment. I push the boundaries of value to show both aspects of our consciousness, embracing all to further evolve as individuals. With the intentional use of various marks I communicate the dynamic and remarkable human condition that is always changing and ever expanding.

Brown is a Visual artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. She grew up in a small Bay town area called Daphne, Alabama. During college is when she discovered her passion for psychology, culture, and nature. Brown’s life experiences as a former apparel designer and art educator has further influenced her artwork that creates an immediate impression and lasting influence.

She is also the founder of The Creative Unblock "helping you solve your own problems through the power of creativity". A company that focuses on using the right hemisphere of the brain to help calm the mind and get unblocked using creativity.