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Margaret Alice Høiesen
Paintings by Margaret Alice Høiesen seen at Stavanger, Stavanger - Fantasy iland. And Surprise town. Gift to childrens hospital

Fantasy iland. And Surprise town. Gift to childrens hospital


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One of a Kind item
These two paintings I have given away to the hospital in Stavanger, Children's ward.
They where very happy about that. Acrylic paintings, acrylic ink and doodling.
Because of the figures it was a good thing to give away for children to make their fantacy spinn a bit. The second picture, Surprise town is a more calm picture of imaging town place. Hope you like these pictures. Size 80 x 80 cm and 70 x90 cm.

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Margaret Alice Høiesen

Meet the Creator

Intuitive acrylic paintings

My name is Margaret Alice Høiesen, I live in Stavanger, Norway, and can be described as a happy painting lady.
I quit my job as a nurse in a big company to paint "full-time".
My work is made with inspiration from colors of nature, often sounds and feelings connected giving me the wonderful energy to paint. Also get lots of inspiration from other artist, old artists work and todays artists and my artist teachers. The contemporary art that I see and admire gives me ideas and inspiration to do my own exploring.
I paint mostly with acrylic, use several technics and structures to get the expression I like to present. The intuitive way of making art learns me something in my everyday painting experience.
Hope you like what you see here.
Also visit my site to see more of my works.