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Lorraine Thorne
'Invisible Lines of Communication' | Paintings by Lorraine Thorne
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'Invisible Lines of Communication' - Paintings

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'Invisible Lines of Communication' by artist Lorraine Thorne is 120cm X 100cm X 5cm. Gesso, graphite, Acrylic & copper foil on a wooden panel art piece.

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Lorraine Thorne
Meet the Creator
Lorraine Thorne is a British artist who has many original mixed media pieces for sale online with Wychwood Art. In 1985 Lorraine completed a B.ED in Art & Design at University of Hertfordshire and in 1992 received a creative Silk Screen Diploma at UCL, London. Lorraine Thorne says: "My journey through art has given me some incredible experiences as an artist, as teacher, collaborator, a forever student, exhibitor and it continues to unfold!" She was a teacher in Art and Design in Secondary and Tertiary education and during this time did her First exhibition at London Art Fair, Kings Rd, works goes to Sweden, Norway and UK. Lorraine Throne says: "I continued to make work throughout my teaching career and sold to private clients and worked to commissions." In 1998-2009, this became a period of travel for Lorraine where she became a full time artist, collecting ideas and inspiration for her works. Lorraine says: "An arts council award took me to Tuscany once again to study contemporary fresco. Two very interesting teaching experiences in Italy, where I taught Icon painting with egg tempera and a contemporary workshop in gesso and oils." In 2009 Lorraine returned to teaching for 6 yrs where she taught fine art and collaborated on large sets, enjoying the experience of everything that teaching can bring. Lorraine Thorne has experience in print making, but prefers working in an original form stating: "The majority of my paintings are abstracted images that are reminiscent of landscape, with implied perspectives and blurred distinctions. Abstract forms invite analogies; plough marks, cloud, water, horizon lines. It is the ambiguity of marks and colour relationships that interest me and the vague narratives that develop with each piece. I have often painted in oils onto a gesso ground, a surface which has been used for over 500 years, traditionally for Icon paintings. I have always found the combination of the traditional and contemporary a very interesting one. In my latest work, my fascination with landscape continues. The traditional /contemporary juxtaposition continues to inspire me and there remains a narrative which explores a visceral response to our landscapes. With the use of gold and variegated leaf, a very traditional medium, I have been exploring the concept of 'invisible threads of communication' that surrounds us in modern society, the unseen, the unknowable." Lorraine is now a full time artist after leaving teaching in 2015 to focus on producing work and running workshops. If you would like to discuss any works by Lorraine Thorne, please email or call 01869 338155/ 07799 535765.