Paintings by Laurie Marshall seen at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt - NASA’s Space to Grow - The Gratitude Tree
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Item NASA’s Space to Grow - The Gratitude Tree
Created by Laurie Marshall

NASA’s Space to Grow - The Gratitude Tree

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These paintings were made in Leadership Maturity Workshops conducted by my sister, Lisa Marshall, Joan Wangler of Edin Associates and myself for NASA’s Creative Learning Groups. The purpose of the paintings is to create a visual symbol of teamwork and creativity, building on ideas about what mature leadership looks like and adding inspiration to the workplace.

Meet the Creator

Laurie Marshall

Laurie Marshall

Novato, CA

I love the collaborative process – letting everyone know that whatever idea comes to them is needed by the project. I take responsibility for the unity and beauty of the creative outcome. I am committed to project-based learning and arts integration – allowing multiple intelligences to be expressed while young people explore and test themselves in the world by creating real products. I believe that children and adults have a fundamental drive for mastery, autonomy, purpose and connection. These are the principles upon which I facilitate learning experiences.

Available for commission/custom work