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Laura Wood
Paintings by Laura Wood seen at 25 York St, Toronto - "Aria"



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In 2010 I painted a 16' chandelier and three smaller chandeliers for Aria Ristorante in Toronto. On its own this was quite the challenge which required scaffolding and lots of logistical manoeuvrings in my very tiny Liberty Village studio. I was also 9 months pregnant with my first child. This piece will always be special to me - my art baby and my human baby - forever connected.

190" x 120"
oil on canvas

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Creation: 8-12 weeks

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Laura Wood

Meet the Creator

There is something meditative about the act of painting itself. The simple gesture. The physicality and repetition of it. Mark making after mark making. Soft blendings. The viscosity and smell of the oils. It triggers something in me, shutting out all the noise of the day.

I am a painter living in Toronto.

My work is an investigation into image and perception, touching on the ambiguity of texts - photographic, painterly or mnemonic, creating an encounter open to interpretation. I use glazing techniques, creating layers which capture a rich glow of light and a depth of colour. I am constantly drawn to light and strive to always be living in it.

My work has been exhibited across Canada and the United States and is included in many International collections. It has also lead me to work as an art consultant for over 15 years at a distinguished art consultancy firm as the art director.  I led and contributed to numerous high-profile projects, such as:  St. Regis Museum Hotel San Francisco;  Four Seasons Hotels in Toronto, NY, Boston;  W Hotel Tai Pei;  St. Regis Hotel Resort Bal Harbour;  and Printemps Department Store Paris.  I have now launched my own art consultancy, Opus Art Projects.