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Created and Sold by Kim MacConnel

Kim MacConnel

ABRACADABRA (Rabbits 14, 11, 24, 27) - Paintings

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At UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay, one can find Kim MacConnel's vibrant abstract art called ABRACADABRA (Rabbits 14, 11, 24, 27). He takes pride in drawing on a wide swath of influences in the designs he chooses to incorporate into his paintings. One critic characterized these as including “Moroccan interiors by Matisse, African tribal patterns as filtered through Picasso, old California textiles from between the two world wars, Disney-style jet age motifs and Color-field abstractions from the 1960s.” This kind of eclecticism now finds a home in a research institution where scientists draw inspiration from multiple fields in order to synthesize new ideas and innovations. He assembled four separate paintings as one, where the sequence of forms and intervals in relation to each other - both within and outside each painting - counts for more than the individual works.

Item ABRACADABRA (Rabbits 14, 11, 24, 27)
Created by Kim MacConnel